Payment, Attendance, and Policies

Bridgewater School of Music Payment and Attendance Policy

(This Policy is in effect as of 9/1/2019)

The year will be broken up into 4 quarters as follows (See Lesson Calendar):



Payment and Attendance Policy for the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters 

(for time slots between 3:00 and 9:00)


Excused absence: Each student will get one excused absence make-up per quarter regardless of reason. The make-up must be scheduled during the current quarter.  Other than a cancellation on our part there will be no other excused absences, credits, or make-ups given beyond the one.

Rescheduling: You may reschedule a lesson time in advance (at least 48 hours’ notice) if you know you can’t make your scheduled time.  The lesson must be rescheduled within the same week of the scheduled lesson.  If there are no available times to reschedule you can use your one excused absence for a later time however if the excused absence has already been used no credit or make-up will be given.

We must recieve a notification of absence within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson via email at

Make-ups and reschedules must be requested here.

Religious Holidays: If you can’t make a lesson because you are celebrating a religious holiday on a day that we are open please let us know at least 48 hours in advance.  This will not use your allotted make-up lesson.

BSM Cancellations: If we have to cancel lessons for any reason, we will attempt to reschedule your lesson for a different time within the same week.  If your lesson cannot be rescheduled during that week, you are guaranteed a make-up lesson at a later date.

Bad Weather: In the case of snow or ice we understand that some people don’t feel comfortable driving in even the mildest of snowy/icy conditions.  If we are open and you can’t make it please let us know ASAP and we will reschedule the lesson.  This will not use your allotted make-up lesson.

Please note:  Most of our instructors travel a further distance than the majority of their students.  Please respect their time and effort and make an attempt to get to the lesson.

Lessons per Quarter: Your tuition (Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly) guarantees 13 scheduled lessons per quarter.

Termination of lessons: If you decide to quit your lessons the current month or quarter is nonrefundable.

Payment Options:

Monthly Payments – $125 due on the 1st lesson of the month.

Quarter payment – $395 due on the 1st lesson of the quarter.

Entire School Year (Sept.- June) – $1175 due before 9/15

Family and Multiple Lesson Discount: If you have more than one immediate family member taking lessons or the same student is taking multiple lessons per week the following discount applies.

First Student/Lesson: Full price listed above.

Each additional Student/Lesson: Per Month: $105 Per Quarter: $335 Entire School Year: $980

Late Fees: For every 30 days that payment is late a late fee of $10 will be applied to the account.

Payment and Attendance Policy for the Summer Quarter

Excused Absences: Make ups or credits are unlimited during the summer as long as we are given at least 24 hours’ notice of a scheduling conflict.

Payment: Payment will be made on a per lesson basis.  Payment is due in full for the scheduled lessons on the first lesson of the month.

Termination of lessons: If you decide to quit your lessons the current month is nonrefundable.

Notification – Important!!:

All scheduling issues are to be handled by email at Telling your instructor, voicemail or writing dates on a check etc. are not enough notification of a conflict or absence.


Drop Off Policy:

We ask that all those dropping of students 12 years of age and under enter the school and confirm contact with their instructor before leaving the premises.

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