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Toddler Time Starts Soon

Spring Toddler Time music classes start March 22nd.

We’d love for you to join us for an interactive and enriching musical experience for you and your child. We meet 10:45 Wednesday mornings at the Martinsville Community Center.

It’s a great opportunity to get a valuable jumpstart on your children’s music education in a safe and fun environment while building bonds with your child and other music loving families.

I’ve attended class with my daughter Gianna and her cousin and they love it. We can’t stop singing the songs at home.

Our 8 class Spring session kicks off this Wednesday.


– $150 for all 8 classes – $100 for both of you if you sign up with a friend
– $120 for 6 classes (you choose the 6 you’d like to attend)
– $80 for 4 classes 
(you choose the 4 you’d like to attend)

Call, or email us for more info and to register.

Call: 732-469-9559

Hope to see you there!

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Toddler Time

We’re so excited about our new program “Toddler Time”.  It’s an interactive weekly class for your  little ones to explore the exciting world of music through singing, dancing, and fun.  

Our spring session starts soon. Contact us to register.

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The Anatomy of a Christmas Song

We hope your Christmas was extra special this year!  We’re winding down by dissecting what makes a Christmas song sound, for lack of a better term, “so Christmassy”?  
Here’s a video for all you music geeks (and/or Mariah Carey fans). It’s fascinating. 

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The Holiday Music Season is Here

We put together a list of songs for the holiday season. Here’s what the staff here at the school are listening to this time of year:

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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

After teaching music for a lengthy period of time we’ve had many preconceived notions fall apart over the years. One of them is the importance of innate ability.
Talent and intelligence are valuable but not as important as we’ve assumed. What is becoming evident is that passion and perseverance are far more valuable in a quest to conquer a long term goal.
Angela Duckworth explains in the linked talk how very import the concept of “Grit” is not just in music but all worthy goals.

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2016 Summer Music Lesson Packages


Summer is right around the corner and it’s a great time to pick up a new instrument or improve your playing on your current instrument.  This Summer we’re offering the following lesson packages to be used during the months of June through August:

8 30 minute sessions – $220

12 30 minute sessions – $315

Call or email us to sign up!

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Spring Rockband Concert – Monday 6/23 @ 7:00

Spring Rockband Concert - Monday 6/23 @ 7:00

Bring a chair or a blanket and come hang out on the lawn at Gabriel’s Fountain in Martinsville next Monday. Students from our “Rockband” Program will be playing songs from the 60’s through today. Come hear them rock!!

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